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Welcome, Children's Church Ministry Workers!

We are Chris & Kristin McPherson; and just like you, our desire is to continually learn and build our children's ministry. We are compiling what we hope will become the most extensive and invaluable collection of FREE resources available for children's church workers.


Who are we? We are a real-life couple who "is there, doing that"! We have a few other credentials as well, but we are basically folks just like you: we have to answer to a group of kids every week, and it is our job to provide them with an exciting hour of getting the truths of God's Word instilled into their little hearts!


What exactly will you find on this site?

  • How to get organized in your ministry
  • How to encourage yourself (since you might be the only one who will!)
  • How to build a repertoire of children's church resources on a budget
  • How to get your "behaviorally challenged" children under control
  • How to give a group of kids the best hour of their week
  • How to lead children to Jesus Christ
  • How to prepare lessons that meet the need of every child in your group
  • How to get your kids to attend faithfully
  • How to find and reach new prospects
  • PLUS... An invaluable supply of FREE children's church ministry resources such as lessons, songs, activities, games, skits, tips, and MORE!!!

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    About Chris and Kristin McPherson
    Chris and Kristin McPherson have been in the kids' ministry since they were kids themselves...
    Children's Church Curriculum Affiliate Program
    Children's church curriculum affiliate program for promotion of my e-Book "Four Weeks of Children's Church"
    The Bible in Living Sound
    The Bible in Living Sound, the original dramatized audio Bible stories . . . really gets kids excited about the Bible!
    Preparing the Children's Church Bible Lesson
    How to prepare a children's church Bible lesson
    Contact Us
    We'd love to hear your feedback and ideas, and we would be glad to answer your questions!
    Four Weeks of Children's Church
    Four Weeks of Children's Church: Volume One ~ THE all-in-one resource for a successful children's church ministry
    Children's Church Discipline
    Dealing with children's church discipline
    Free Newsletter: Children's Church Treasure Chest
    Free Newsletter: Children's Church Treasure Chest
    Fund Raiser Idea
    An easy and hassle free fund raiser idea that does not require selling or peddling...
    Children's Church Games
    A myriad of fun children's church games for your children's ministry: ice breakers, review games, & behavior award ideas
    Help Children Witness for Christ
    Ideas of how to help children witness for Christ in your children's church ministry
    A collection of homemaking resources for children's ministry moms...
    Components of a Successful Children's Church
    Here are the most important ideas for building your successful children's church ministry...
    Children's Ministry Ideas From My Readers
    A great resource with children's ministry ideas submitted by my readers...
    Children's Ministry Websites
    A collection of helpful links to children's ministry websites
    Teaching the Memory Verse
    Teaching the memory verse is an important component of your children's church ministry. After all, they are coming to church to have God's Word implanted into their hearts.
    Free Children's Church Object Lessons
    A collection of free children's church object lessons to help illustrate Bible principles and lessons to your students...
    Soaring Through the Toddler and Preschool Years
    Kristin McPherson's eBook: Soaring Through the Toddler and Preschool Years
    Children's Ministry Preschool
    How we handle children's ministry preschool in our children's church
    Children's Church Promotions
    A list of ideas for children's church promotions, campaigns, and big days in your children's church ministry...
    Children's Church Record Keeping
    Children's church record keeping is important in any children's ministry...
    Your Children's Church Schedule
    Do you want total chaos on Sunday morning? Then just show up without a children's church schedule and a plan and try to "wing it" ...
    Children's Church Ministry Site Map
    Site Map of Children's Church Ministry Website
    Children's Church Ministry Blog
    The Children's Church Ministry Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web site. Subscribe here.
    Children's Church Skits
    Children's church skits are a sure attention grabber and fun way to drill your main teaching even further into the hearts of your kids...
    Children's Church Songs
    An exhaustive list of all types of children's church songs for your children's ministry or Sunday School class: action songs, scripture songs, doctrine songs, quiet songs...
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    Main Teaching
    Incorporate a main teaching into each component of your children's church ministry in order to most effectively disciple your kids...
    Children's Ministry Tool Box
    Our children's ministry tool box: Recommendations of tools and resources to help you in your children's church ministry...
    Two Places
    The Lord has created two places outside of this universe...
    About SBI!
    About SBI!, the wonderful toolbox full of goodies that built this children's church ministry website...
    WAHM Video
    WAHM video for moms interested in working at home
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