Children's Church Games

No kids' ministry is complete without children's church GAMES! Lots and lots of games!

What types of games do we use in children's church?

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Ice Breakers

We begin each children's church session at 10:55 every Sunday morning with an ice breaker. This is the only component of our children's church that has no spiritual application whatsoever and does not relate to the main teaching at all. Why, then, do we have it? Just to prove to the kids that we are going to have a great time today, as we promised! It breaks the ice, helps kids get comfortable with one another and with us, and nips potential attitude and behavior problems in the bud early on. It really gets us in a fun mood to work our ministry, too!

Review Games

Review games just reinforce the truths and Bible facts that we've been trying to hammer into the kids' heads all morning. They are fun games that only benefit those children who were listening to the lesson, skit, memory verse, and other components of children's church... so they learn early on that they must pay attention, if they want to participate in the fun!

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Memory Verse Games

Review, review, review -- that's the name of the game in children's church! We review everything so that it will "stick" -- the main teaching, the songs, the lesson... but most of all, the Word of God. We use simple little memory verse games that the kids enjoy and allow us to drill the scripture about a dozen times without getting boring.

Behavior Award Games

Many children's church ministry workers utilize quiet prizes, which is a great idea for rewarding good behavior. However, we take this idea a step further and allow the best behaved kids to participate in the behavior award game. We typically choose three kids to play, and each one is going to end up with some type of prize after playing this children's church game. This really motivates all the kids to obey the two rules.

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