Your Children's Church Schedule

"But why do we need a children's church schedule?

Do you want total chaos on Sunday morning? Then just show up at children's church and "wing it" without a plan...

Two of your most important tools in children's church are your clock and your schedule!

This is not to say that you musn't be flexible at times, but if you have a basic blueprint for what is supposed to happen during the children's church hour... maybe you'll at least come close!

Here are a few basic examples that we've used. You will be able to find details on each components in other parts of this website.

Example #1

10:55 Ice Breaker -- Tangled Web

11:00 Welcome & Prayer

11:05 Songs -- What a Mighty God We Serve, I'm Happy Today

11:10 Skit -- Doug the Bum

11:15 Offering 11:17 Song -- Rejoice in the Lord Alway

11:20 Memory Verse -- Ephesians 4:4

11:25 Dismiss Preschoolers

11:27 Song -- Lord, Prepare Me

11:30 Bible Lesson -- Paul & Silas in Jail

11:40 Review Game -- Leap Frog

11:55 Behavior Award Game -- Mad Dash

12:00 Hand out bulletins & gather things

12:05 Dismiss to buses

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