Children's Church Songs

No children's ministry or Sunday School class is complete without children's church songs! It doesn't matter if you can't carry a tune in a bucket or if you are an accomplished pianist -- you must use music (and lots of it!) to convey a myriad of scriptural truths and even Bible verses to your kids. Songs serve a variety of purposes in your children's church ministry.

Independence Special

Here are a few lists of different types of songs to choose from. One of the most frequent questions I get regarding the site is how to locate the music for all of these songs. I am sorry that I do not have such a resource. I would love to compile one; but that depends on copyright laws, which I have yet to research. Hopefully the lists will spark a memory or help you think of your own ideas for using music to enhance your children's church ministry.

Action Songs

Click here to view list of action songs

Songs That Teach Doctrine or Scripture

Click here to view list of doctrine songs

Quiet Songs (for use immediately before your lesson)

Click here to view list of quiet songs

Here are some audio clips of many of our children's church songs

Here are some downloadable Power Point children's church songs

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