Clean on the inside and out by God

by Rhoda E
(Florence,AL USA)

Object Lessons for Kids

Changed ---Outside and Inside
Props: Clear tall glass (Not plastic)
Dirt and water ( to make thin mud)
Clean soap water in a basin
2 Cloths
Pitcher with water in it (for show)
Preparation: mix dirt and water to make made made. Coat glass on the inside and outside. Let dry and set aside. (have older teen know where it sits and have them bring it when you clue them)

Lesson: Start off with saying I really would like some of this water. I am so thirsty (pick up pitcher with water) Oh I need a glass. Name teen would you please bring me a glass I can use. (teen gets dirty glass)
Yuck, kids can I use this glass? Whats wrong with the glass why I cant use it? That's right the glass is dirty. The dirt keeps it from being useful even though it is a glass.
Sin is like that if our lives. It makes us unable to allow God in. Lets clean up the class. (Use one cloth and soap water BUT clean only the outside of the glass)
Hold glass up and ask if you can use it now. Tell them no you cant because it is still dirty on the inside. Explain some people think going to church, being nice is all you have to do to have sin out of your life. Those things are good but they are seen on the outside we have to also clean ourselves on the inside.
(Use second cloth and clean the glass on the inside until very clean) Now I can drink water of out t of the glass!!!!! We can do things to clean ourselves on the outside but only God can change us on the inside!!! He looks at our hearts and can forgive us of sin that causes us to be apart from Him.
His son Jesus died for our sin so we can be able to have God wash us on the inside and help us become clean and new. SCRIPTURE 2 Corinthians 5:17 says “ If anyone belongs to Christ, then he is made new.” God has made a difference in my life and is using me to tell others about Him. How He wants to make a difference in your life too.

Follow-up Activity coloring sheet attached

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Sep 06, 2012
Who's Thirsty
by: lindy

a great lil lesson,I did this demonstration as the kids story in our main church service, everyone enjoyed it lol even the BIG kids (adults) I gave the kids lil shot glasses to take home to remind them of the lesson and told them to keep them clean but when ever they did happen to get dirty to wash them but while your washing them ask god at the same time to clean there insides to from (sin)

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