Four Weeks of Children's Church

Volumes 1 & 2

How would you like to have every single lesson, game, song, activity, schedule, and detail for your children's church laid out FOR you... for the next month?! children's church ministry

I have packed years of children's ministry experience and training into these e-Books!*

Hi! I'm Kristin McPherson, and I've been in the children's ministry since I was a kid myself!

If you've spent much time at this website, you've probably already learned that I have been trained and involved in children's ministries all of my teen and adult life. I was weary of searching for quality (free!) online resources for children's church; so I just decided that I'd put my training and experience to work and create such a resource myself. I have spent the past five years building hundreds of web pages of solid content to help you as a children's ministry worker...

  • reach children with the gospel,
  • disciple children in Christian growth,
  • have an exciting children's church ministry, and
  • maintain a faithful group of kids who can't wait to arrive at your church every Sunday!


    Now I've decided to take my ministry to YOU a step further by creating these invaluable resources!

  • Are you brand new to the children's ministry, trying to learn what is effective and perhaps even getting frustrated sometimes?

  • Are you (and your kids) bored because you're in a rut of doing the 'same old thing' every Sunday morning?

  • Are you tired of procrastinating until Saturday night and trying to throw something suitable together to present to your kids on Sunday morning?

  • Are you running out of lessons, games, songs, and great ideas to keep your ministry fresh and exciting?

    If you answered "Yes!" to any of those questions... these resources are for you!

    I've known Kristin for many years. She truly has a heart for the Lord and for children.

    J Martin, Gateway Baptist Church

    This eBook will take you on a step by step guide to conducting not just a good junior church, but a great junior church! She could have titled the book "An Idiot's Guide to Children's Church", or "Children's Church for Dummies." No matter your ability, if you put into practice what is outlined here, you will not be disappointed.

    Pastor J. Martin of Lighthouse Baptist Church ~ Florence, AL

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    Dear Friend in the Ministry,

    I'll let you in on a secret: When I started this website in 2006, I never imagined what an awesome project/opportunity I was embarking upon! I was just aggravated with trying to find free (high quality) children's ministry resources online, so I decided to fill the void and provide them myself!

    I very zealously begin scribbling down everything I could think of that would be useful to children's church ministry workers just like you and me ~ not experts with super-huge auditoriums and giant groups of kids, but normal everyday people who go to work all week and dedicate their Sunday mornings to the Lord's work.

    ...(Kristin) has a willing heart and a great desire to see that children are reached for the Lord Jesus Christ. She puts all she has into what she does. She and her husband have done an excellent job in the children's church ministry at Central Calvary Baptist Church in West Plains, Missouri. The kids, including my grandkids, thoroughly enjoy children's church. We appreciate all that they do in the children's ministry.

    Mary Mulford, Pastor's Wife of Central Calvary Baptist Church ~ West Plains, MO

    While I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be trained by and allowed to travel with some of the country's finest Child Evangelism Fellowship Directors and to attend Bible College, I don't consider those to be my biggest credentials.

    I believe that I, for the most part, am just another one of the thousands of individuals who stand before a group of children every Sunday morning and give it all I've got. I love children (I have six kids myself!), and I've always felt 'right at home' in the children's ministry ~ teaching Sunday School, junior choir, Vacation Bible School, 5-Day Clubs, children's church... you name it!

    Four Weeks of Children's Church

    I am absolutely passionate about preparing for and participating in children's church! I love spending hours researching new games, object lessons, and activities that will help children learn and retain God's Word better.

    Being the organized individual that I am (well, in some ways ~ please don't come and inspect my basement, okay?)... I had notebooks and binders and books and PILES of children's church ideas. So I decided to compile them all into a website and share with the whole world!

    I have enjoyed compiling the free content on this website for the past several years. However, judging from the feedback I receive from my readers... many of you are wanting and needing something more.

    I am heartbroken to hear from children's ministry workers who are discouraged, inadequately trained, and lacking the help they need to adequately run a successful children's church.

    The resources I have prepared ~ Four Weeks of Children's Church: Volumes 1 and 2 ~ are just what these workers need to get them on the right track.

    This book would be a tremendous blessing to any children's worker, but especially a new worker. The philosophy and practical advice offered is phenomenal.

    Amanda Coupe of Gospel Light Baptist Church ~ Hot Springs, AR

    These e-Books are ideal for children's ministry workers who...

    • don't have very many (or any at all!) volunteers in their children's church,
    • took on the responsibility out of sheer need, but never received proper training or preparation,
    • have been working in the children's ministry for a long time but feel discouraged and "burned out,"
    • are doing a great job but just need a new source of great ideas!

    So... what ARE this resources?

    Just take a peek at part of the Table of Contents:

    Chapter 2: Four Weeks of Schedules

    Print this page out, study its components, stick it on your podium Sunday morning... and you're ready for children's church!

    Chapter 7: Inspection!

    Great ideas for keeping order during your children's church ministry

    Chapter 8: Four Weeks of Special Features

    This chapter contains a skit, object lesson, gospel magic trick, and puppet skit to illustrate our Main Teaching for the month.

    Chapter 9: The Memory Verse

    This chapter contains details on how to effectively teach and reinforce the memory verse, a visual for this month's verse, a master for you to duplicate and send home tokens with your kids, and four exciting Memory Verse Review Games.

    Chapter 13: Four Weeks of Bible Lessons

    This chapter contains complete, evangelistic Bible lesson outlines for each week, clearly centered around our Main Teaching for the month.

    Chapter 15: The Review Game

    Detailed instructions for an exciting Bible review game that will help your children's church kids retain the Bible knowledge you want to instill in their hearts!

    Four Weeks of Children's Church

    Four Weeks of Children's Church

    My Personal Guarantee

    If you are not 100% satisfied with the results you attain by putting the content of these books to practice, let me know and I will immediately issue a no-hassle refund. Each book of material lasts for four weeks, so I'll double that with a 60-day guarantee. What do you have to lose?

    Order today for just $6.95 each OR save by ordering the 2 eBook bundle for $12.95!

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    *Note: These products are eBooks ~ electronic books, meaning that you will download the material to your own computer after your purchase is complete. You may then print it out or read it right from your monitor. You will not be receiving anything in the mail; the entire transaction is electronic.